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Engagement Rings

The Perfect Engagement Ring for a Perfect Proposal

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An engagement ring is a lifelong symbol of your commitment and dedication. Choosing the perfect ring will help not only on the day of the proposal but also for years later. Hustedt Jewelers will help you find the perfect engagement ring for your soon-to-be betrothed.

The weight of the decision is significant during an already emotional time. Despite all the research you do on your own and all the information available online, it helps to have someone you can trust to guide you through the process of selecting, designing, and crafting the perfect engagement ring.

The engagement ring you choose will impact not only your pending proposal but also the pride you feel for the rest of your life when you look upon the ring finger of your future spouse.

At Hustedt Jewelers, we're committed to being the most trusted partner for every customer who visits one of our two locations. If you are shopping for an engagement ring in Bloomington, Gibson City, or the surrounding area in Illinois and haven't found the perfect ring, or if you could use a helpful, no-stress partner to help you along the way, visit Hustedt Jewelers.

Choosing the Perfect Style

One of the largest hurdles when trying to look for and buy an engagement ring is deciding from the vast array of styles available.

Whether you've learned what your partner is looking for in an engagement ring or you have to decide yourself, our team of experienced professionals can help in finding the perfect engagement ring.


One of the most important aspects of choosing an engagement ring is deciding on a cut. The cut of a ring refers to the shape of the stone in the ring. There are many styles to choose from, but some of the most popular include the round brilliant, princess, emerald, oval, baguette, pear, and radiant cuts. As with most aspects of an engagement ring, the cut depends largely on personal taste.


The type of stone you choose for your engagement ring depends on taste and budget. If your partner hasn't told you what stone they would like for their engagement ring, you can't go wrong with the classic and beautiful diamond. Diamond engagement rings are renowned for their brilliance, beauty, and toughness. Hustedt Jewelers has a great selection of diamond engagement rings to choose from if you decide this is the stone your want for your ring.

If you're looking for something other than a diamond engagement ring, you have plenty of options to choose from, such as morganite, ruby, sapphire, and aquamarine stones.


The band is the actual ring that wraps around the finger of your future spouse. Again, there are many options to choose from when it comes to bands. 

The first part of choosing a band might be the color, which largely depends on the type of metal used to make the band. You might choose platinum for its hardness, rose gold for its color, or yellow gold for its conventional charm. There are many metals to choose from, each with its own beauty and cost range.

Next, you must choose a shape. The part of the ring that leads up to the stone is called a shank, and there are endless styles to choose from: straight, tapered, knife-edge, split, bypass — you get the picture. Explore your shank styles to find one that feels like it embodies your future betrothed's style and personality. Some bands feature smaller stones or flourishes to accent the main stone, and some go with elegant minimalism.

Buying an engagement ring your betrothed will love just takes a little looking around and imagination, especially if your partner hasn't already told you what they want. Don't let yourself stress over finding the perfect ring — our team at Hustedt Jewelers is ready to help you with your engagement ring search. 

How We Can Help You

Since Husted Jewelers first opened our doors, our family's main goal has been to provide our customers with high-quality jewelry and the best, most thorough customer service in Illinois.

Over the course of nearly four decades, Hustedt Jewelers has helped make our customers' proposals unforgettable. Our team will help you throughout the entire process and help you find an engagement ring you and your soon-to-be wife or husband will treasure forever. You deserve a ring that's as special as the relationship you have with your loved one, and that's where we come in.

Custom Rings

We can even make custom engagement rings if you have a vision or a family stone you want to use. If you're looking for an engagement ring in Bloomington, Illinois, or the surrounding area, visit Hustedt Jewelers to talk about what you want your engagement ring to look like. Our master goldsmith and designer can work with you to make your dream ring a reality.

Whether you're looking for the biggest diamond engagement ring you can find or have a down-to-the-detail picture of the specific engagement ring you need, Hustedt Jewelers is here help. 


When the time comes to buy your engagement ring, you can expect competitive prices from our quality stores. If you want to buy your engagement ring through payments, we offer a selection of financing options, along with a 0% plan and in-house payment plans.

Our Team

All of our team leaders have received, at minimum, their Accredited Jewelry Professional Diploma from the Gemological Institute of America. We pride ourselves in knowing all the ins and out of the jewelry world to give you the help you need in your search for your engagement ring.

There are no pressure sales tactics and no inflated pricing. Hustedt is family-owned-and-operated. We have 40 years of experience and a terrific reputation to uphold. Beyond that, we strive to be the most ethical jewelry store we can be. We use conflict-free diamonds and employ certified gemologists for grading.

Make your proposal unforgettable. Visit Hustedt Jewelers in Bloomington or Gibson City, Illinois, to find the perfect engagement ring. Contact us to schedule your appointment.

Photo of diamond engagement rings from Hustedt Jewelers

Engagement Rings

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