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Engraving can be a great way to add a little extra to the meaning of your gift. Whether it is jewelry, picture frames or other gift ware. You can add names, dates and/ or messages to make it that much more personal. We can engrave metal, plastic and glass and also have plaques, trophies and other awards available.

At Hustedt Jewelers, we specialize in custom jewelry. One way to customize your jewelry or any other item is to get it engraved. We offer a wide variety of engraving services to help you personalize your gifts, jewelry or other special possessions. Talk to one of our expert jewelers today about creating a custom piece that's special to you or your loved one.

What Is Engraving?

Engraving is the process of cutting, etching, carving, or otherwise inscribing a design on a hard surface. Engraving a piece of jewelry or another gift is a common practice, but the personalized nature of engraving makes each engraved piece unique. Popular choices of things to engrave on jewelry or other items include:

  • Patterns and designs.
  • Names.
  • Significant dates.
  • Brief messages.
  • Inspirational quotes.

Why Get Something Engraved?

Engraving turns regular items into keepsakes or treasures. Adding an engraving to your gift for someone or to your own possession gives personality and personalization to the piece as well as detail, decoration, and beauty. Marking your jewelry, watch, picture frame, plaque, or other items with a specially chosen name, date, or message makes it unique and special. You make any item truly your own with engraving!

Giving an engraved gift shows its receiver how much thought and care you put into choosing the gift, while engraving something for yourself ensures you have a piece that reflects your style and what's important to you. Consider engraving your favorite piece of jewelry or a new gift to give the item something extra and add a special meaning that will last forever.

What Can Be Engraved?

The short answer is that any gift or personal item can be engraved. At Hustedt Jewelers, we engrave anything made out of metal, plastic, or glass. We can engrave necklaces, rings, bracelets, or any other jewelry. Consider getting an engraved picture frame or a personalized trophy or plaque. Common items you might consider engraving include:

  • Rings: Add your names, wedding date, or a special message on your engagement or wedding rings. You can engrave the inside of a ring, the outside of a ring, or both.
  • Necklaces: An engraved bar necklace lets the wearer keep the written words close to their heart, whether they're the names of loved ones, an inspirational quote, or something else that's unique and important.
  • Bracelets: Consider wearing or gifting a bracelet that proclaims a special message, a significant date, or the names of your loved ones. With an engraved bracelet, you can truly wear your heart on your sleeve.
  • Watches: The back of a watch's face is the perfect place to add a personalized engraving, or you could also engrave the band, depending on its type.
  • Picture frames: Engrave a picture frame to add a meaning, a memory, or an explanation of the photo it holds. Or you can gift a picture frame engraved with a date and a message so the receiver can preserve a photo of their special occasion.
  • Plaques, trophies, and awards: Show your appreciation or congratulation by custom engraving a plaque, trophy, or award to present to someone who deserves it.

More pieces you might want to consider getting engraved include cuff links, pocket watches, money clips, knives, or anything else made out of a hard and durable material.

Photograph of custom engraving on a ring

Engraving custom design on a ring.

Types of Engraving

There are a variety of methods that can be used to create engravings. The most common ways to engrave are:

  • Etching: Etching is a kind of engraving used on stones, glass, and crystal. Etching is usually done with the precise use of acid or other chemicals.
  • Hand-engraving: As the name implies, hand-engraving is when an artist uses precision tools to inscribe a piece by hand. Since hand-engraving is the work of a skilled artisan, using this method ensures your engraving is truly unique and a work of art.
  • Rotary engraving: This type of engraving is often used on metals such as gold and sterling silver. With this kind of engraving, the engraver uses a spinning cutter and a spindle to cut the material.
  • Laser engraving: Laser engraving is the process of using beams of light to heat and melt materials and leave a permanent and smooth mark at a certain depth. Laser engraving can be used on leather and wood as well as metal and stone to create very precise inscriptions.

Common Occasions for Engravings

Although you can engrave an item with a personalized message for any occasion or none at all, engravings are often used to mark a special event. Some instances you might want to consider getting an engraving for include birthdays, engagements, weddings, births, holidays, and anniversaries, as well as any other event or time that holds special meaning to you.

What to Consider When Choosing an Engraving

Once you decide to engrave your jewelry, gift, or another item, carefully consider what message, date, pattern, or other information you want to engrave into the piece. First, consider the size and shape of what you want to get engraved. The size of the piece may limit you to a certain number of characters that can be engraved, so discuss how much text you will able to put on it with your jeweler.

Remember that adding an engraving makes the piece unique and personal, so consider choosing a date, symbol, or words that are especially significant to you or the person who will be receiving your thoughtful gift. Finally, it may help to create a list of possible inscriptions and review them over a period of time. Since the engraving will last forever, choose the one that you still like most after some time has passed.

Hustedt Jewelers is a family-owned and -operated business that has been serving the central Illinois area since 1980. We provide services to the residents of Bloomington and Gibson City, Illinois, as well as the surrounding areas. Contact us today to speak with someone on our highly trained team about our engraving services, custom creations, jewelry repair, jewelry appraisals, or jewelry store.

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