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Why You Should Never Buy Fine Jewelry Without First Comparing At Hustedt Jewelers.

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With hundreds of jewelry stores and thousands of jewelry designs to choose from it can be overwhelming trying to find not only the perfect ring but the perfect store and people that stand behind it.

Top 10 List Of Why Thousands Of People Across The Country Trust Hustedt Jewelers And Why You Should Compare Us As Well.

1) We Listen

We take great pride in the fact that we are more of a jewelry consultant vs a salesman. Regardless of budget we’ll spend the time talking with you and going over every possible option to find you a design that is gorgeous while staying within budget.

2) Pricing

We have the most competitive pricing in the market. Here is why: Hustedt Jewelers started a wholesale manufacturing company in 1980 then opened up the retail store in 1983 both of which are still owned and operated by the Hustedt family today. The industry connections that were made from being on both the wholesale and retail side of the industry and by being in one of the country’s biggest buying groups insures that we are buying our jewelry at the most competitive prices and passing them on to you, our customer.

3) Quality

With lifetime warranties on all of our gold and platinum jewelry, you can rest assured that with proper care your jewelry will be passed on for generations to come. Everything we do is done once, done right, and guaranteed.

4) Experience

With over 60 years of combined experience, father son team, Larry and Kevin Hustedt have done the jewelry repair and custom design for over 40 stores across the country. We have two GIA Graduate Gemologists on staff. Every employee at Hustedt Jewelers has a minimum of their Accredited Jewelry Professional Diploma from the Gemological Institute of America (GIA)

5) Selection

Having over 300 styles of engagement rings to choose from with everything being customizable. Hustedt Jewelers has one of the largest offerings to choose from.

6) Flexibility

We specialize in custom! Whether you're wanting hand forged, hand carved and cast, or Cad Cam, we are the place to go. It can be your gold, or ours, your stones or ours, even your design or ours. We’ll sit side by side with you and show you how to turn your dream into reality.

7) Diamond Certifications

All of our diamonds are backed with lab certification and appraisal. Every diamond we sell is conflict free. We have 100% trade up guarantee on all of our diamonds. If you spent $1,000 on your center diamond and want to trade it back in for a larger one you will get 100% of your $1,000 back to use towards your new diamond.

8) Knowledge

Our friendly and highly trained team will walk you through every step of your purchase. Everyone has heard of the 4C’s but our team will sit down and really teach you what it means and what you’re looking at or for. There is really no right or wrong answer to buying a diamond. Let us show you how to make an informed decision and teach you the industry secrets on how to get the most bang for your buck when picking out your diamond.

9) Financing & Payment Plans

We offer a wide variety of financing options including 0%. We also offer other in house payment plans. Our main focus is to get you a piece of jewelry at a price you can afford and we’ll work with you regardless of credit.

10) You Matter To Us!

Here at Hustedt Jewelers you definitely matter to us! You are not just a sales ticket. We’ve been truly blessed to have several generations come here for all their jewelry needs. After more than 30 years in business we still absolutely love our jobs and that’s because of all of you, our customers.

Importance of a Jewelry Guarantee 

When you invest in a piece of fine jewelry, you want to feel confident that it will last for years to come and provide beauty and appeal every time you wear it. However, the normal wear of many types of jewelry pieces can result in damage, including regular wear and tear, tarnish, and dirt and debris that makes the metal or stone look less shiny. By choosing to invest in jewelry from a jeweler who stands behind their products and services with a guarantee, you don't have to worry when you wear your beautiful piece.

It's also important to shop with a jeweler who puts your needs first. Some shops focus only on the volume of sales they make rather than the experience of buying a piece of fine jewelry. You want to give your business to someone who cares about you and your experience rather than someone who just treats you like a number.

A jewelry guarantee will typically include some type of protection on the piece you choose, and it should also outline the services of a jeweler as they relate to your purchase. For example, a jeweler might offer an extended warranty option along with information about their selection and pricing practices.

What to Look For in a Jeweler's Guarantee

As you compare the many different jewelry shops across the nation, you may wonder what to look for in the guarantees they offer. One important aspect of any jeweler's guarantee is how they treat their customers. The individuals who work in these jewelry shops should take the time to listen to your needs and understand your budget. After all, you will likely be making a sizable investment by choosing to purchase a piece from that shop, so they should work to earn your business.

Buying from a jeweler should also offer some benefits to you as the customer. For example, your jeweler should provide a warranty on the high-end products they sell, as well as additional services that you can utilize as a repeat customer. For instance, you might be able to bring in your piece for a free cleaning or receive a complimentary estimate on the value of your jewelry. It's important to understand what you get from the company you buy from.

21 Days Exchange Policy

Exchanges and Returns

Items may be returned within 21 days from the date of purchase. Merchandise must be in original and unworn condition and accompanied by original gift box with all warranty cards and explanation booklets intact. Closeouts, special orders, altered pieces (including ring sizing) and custom pieces are not returnable or exchangeable. Gift Certificates are not redeemable for cash and may be used for purchases only. Refunds will be given in the form of store credit or exchange.

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