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Most people don't buy jewelry pieces to keep them hidden away. If you want to wear your jewelry regularly, bear in mind that you'll expose it to wear and tear and damage, which can ruin its appearance and undermine its value. Since your jewelry is a substantial investment, Hustedt Jewelers offers a lifetime jewelry warranty and a lifetime upgrade service to enable you to protect and improve your valuable asset. Use this comprehensive guide to gain a better understanding of our lifetime jewelry warranty and upgrades.

What Is a Lifetime Jewelry Warranty?

Hustedt Jewelers' lifetime jewelry warranty covers the repair or replacement of a damaged or defective jewelry piece for its lifetime. It's offered free of charge as part of your jewelry purchase. We offer a free limited lifetime warranty for every piece of gold and platinum jewelry purchased at our store. However, our warranty only covers some types of damage on certain parts of a jewelry piece. To keep your warranty valid, you're required to comply with our rules.

Main Characteristics of Our Lifetime Jewelry Warranty

Jewelry warranties can be confusing, since different warranties may offer different types of coverage. However, the warranty service at Hustedt Jewelers comes with clearly defined requirements and exclusions to prevent confusion and misunderstanding. Learn about the following characteristics of our lifetime jewelry warranty to keep your warranty valid and gain access to the services you're entitled to:

  • We require regular jewelry inspection: At Hustedt Jewelers, we require our customers to have their jewelry inspected once every six months. We'll inspect your jewelry piece to ensure the gems, ear nuts, and clasp are properly secured and evaluate its overall condition. We also tighten loose stones or make adjustments to your jewelry at no charge. Skipping the inspection will void your jewelry warranty. 
  • You need to keep your inspection records properly: Similar to other jewelers, we don't keep records of the pieces we've inspected. After the inspection, you'll be given a form that contains information such as the date of the inspection and the name of the person who inspected your jewelry. Store this document in a safe place, as you're typically required to show it to us to get warranty work done at no cost.
  • We fix defects in materials and craftsmanship free of charge: The evaluation of jewelry requires specialized knowledge. Unless you're a jewelry expert, you may not be able to tell whether a certain piece of jewelry is truly defective. You can let us have a look at your jewelry piece if you think it has defects in craftsmanship or materials. If it's indeed defective, we'll repair or replace it at no charge. 
  • Our warranty doesn't include coverage for normal wear and tear: It's important to note that we don't cover damage that results from normal wear and tear. We won't provide free repair or replacement services for gold and other precious metals that become worn over time. However, we can repair your jewelry piece at a discounted price. With our extensive experience and expertise in jewelry repair, we're able to properly fix any kind of damage the first time around, so you can feel safe leaving your valuable piece in our hands.
  • We don't cover center stones: If the center stone in your jewelry piece is damaged, we won't repair or replace it free of charge. Again, we may offer you a discount if you want us to repair your center stone.
  • We don't offer protection against loss or theft: We aren't insurance providers, so we can't help you if your jewelry is missing or stolen. If you wear your jewelry frequently, it's a good idea to insure it through your private insurance agent.
  • We don't pay for repairs done at another jeweler: We won't cover repairs performed by other jewelers. You can only repair or alter your jewelry free of charge at our store. If you want to have your piece repaired elsewhere, you can ask your chosen jeweler whether or not it'll cover the work. Some jewelers have a limited warranty for the repair work they do, but it won't be as comprehensive as our lifetime warranty.
  • We provide free services: Other than free repair and replacement, we also offer a variety of free services to keep your jewelry piece in good condition. Some examples of such services include stone and clasp tightening, cleaning, and polishing.

Lifetime Jewelry Warranty vs. Jewelry Insurance

Since jewelry warranty and jewelry insurance both provide protection for your jewelry pieces, they're often thought to be the same thing. However, this isn't true, as they don't offer the same types of coverage. A jewelry warranty pays for jewelry repairs such as fixing small scratches, re-tipping, and prong replacement, as well as preventive maintenance tasks such as diamond or stone tightening and cleaning. A jewelry insurance policy, on the other hand, covers major damage, loss, and theft.

Since your jewelry warranty doesn't protect you against loss and theft, you may want to consider getting jewelry insurance as well. This is especially important if you're wearing a certain type of jewelry for the first time. For example, if you aren't used to wearing a ring, you're more likely to leave it behind after you take it off to do the dishes or work out at the gym. You can insure a jewelry piece for just one year, which gives you enough time to get used to wearing it.

What Are Lifetime Jewelry Upgrades?

With our lifetime jewelry upgrades, you can upgrade a piece of jewelry with a larger or higher quality diamond by trading in the original diamond. It's good to have access to this type of service because it allows you to get a good trade-in value for your original diamond and improve your jewelry piece over time. There are many ways to upgrade a piece of diamond jewelry, including getting a larger diamond, switching to a different diamond cut or shape, adding extra diamonds, and repurposing the original diamond.

Whether you want to repair or upgrade your jewelry piece, it's essential that you leave the task in the hands of a reputable jeweler like Hustedt Jewelers. Contact us today to learn more about our lifetime jewelry warranty and upgrade services.