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At Hustedt Jewelers, we're passionate about luxury watches, which is why we carry a wide selection from industry-leading name brands for both men and women. The right luxury watch will complement any outfit and situation, allowing you to leave the house with confidence. If you're in the market for a luxury timepiece, Hustedt Jewelers will be happy to help you narrow down your options.

Why Should I Buy a Luxury Watch?

There are many reasons to own a luxury watch. For starters, luxury timepieces offer superior construction and are built to last.

For men, a luxury watches is one of the few accessories they may ever own, and the right watch becomes an outward expression of their personality and career status. The complex mechanics and engineering associated with luxury watches are also an attractive reason to splurge.

For women, it is more socially acceptable for them to freely express themselves with jewelry and accessories, so choosing a luxury watch is a practical fashion statement and a wearable work of art. The various gold tones, gemstones, and sophisticated inlays can complement a host of accessories, creating a cohesive look that takes you from day to night with ease.

Why Are Luxury Watches Considered Higher Quality?

Luxury timepieces are crafted by skilled artisans using superior materials. They're also subjected to a slew of quality-control tests to gauge build quality, time-keeping precision, and reliability.

Simply put, luxury watches are more accurate than conventional watches because they adhere to a broader range of regulations. As a result, they offer better protection from damage and stand up to general wear and tear better than cheaper watches.

How Long Do Luxury Watches Last?

With proper care, a luxury watch can last a lifetime. Most are built to last several decades or longer, allowing them to become heirlooms passed through the generations. Thanks to this kind of longevity, luxury watches are perfect gifts for graduations, birthdays, weddings, retirements, or other rites of passage and can be engraved for a personal touch. Even with regular wear, your luxury watch will stand the test of time.

Can I Afford a Luxury Watch?

A luxury timepiece is an investment, so you'll need to know how much you're willing to spend before comparing your options. While the name Rolex has become synonymous with luxury watches in popular culture, there are actually many high-end brands to choose from, and each offers its own set of price points, ranging from hundreds to tens of thousands of dollars.

Of course, having so many options can be overwhelming, but our team of highly trained jewelry professionals is here to help you make an informed decision. At Hustedt Jewelers, we want you to be pleased with your purchase; therefore, we encourage you to spend a little extra time with one of our experienced team members, who can help you narrow down your options. We can even recommend pre-owned luxury watches from our current inventory if a new watch isn't in your price range.

What's the Number One Thing I Should Look For in a Luxury Watch?

At the end of the day, you want to purchase a watch that suits your personality. The right luxury watch will be versatile enough to complement everything from your work outfit to more formal attire.

You may prefer a classic watch with minimal details and a simple 18-karat gold band. If you lean toward the rugged aesthetic, a textured leather band with exposed mechanics on the watch face may be more suitable. You might even lean toward exposed mechanisms surrounded by diamonds and subtle floral accents. With so many designs on the market, there's a luxury watch for every personality.

What Should I Do Before Visiting Hustedt Jewelers To Shop Luxury Watches?

Before visiting our showroom in Gibson City, Illinois, know how much you're prepared to spend. One of the first things your jewelry professional will inquire about is your budget, so do a little research to see which brands are available in your price range.

You should also note where you'll be wearing your luxury watch. Do you plan to wear it every day, or is it for a special occasion? Certain watches look best in specific situations, such as a wedding or cocktail hour, while others are better suited to a corporate environment. If you want one watch that's well suited to different situations, let us know that, too!

Also, make note of any machinery or wet environments your watch may be exposed to. Some watches are designed to resist water or magnets, but that level of resistance varies. For example, your watch might repel minor splashes or rain, but you'll need a special rating to wear it in the pool or while scuba diving.

Lastly, don't be afraid to come to Hustedt Jewelers with a list of questions. We want you to fully understand your new watch — how it works, how to set it up, and how to avoid damaging it. We can assist you with setting the correct time or the annual calendar or even reading the chronograph properly. All you have to do is ask.

Do Luxury Watches Retain Resale Value?

One of the best reasons to invest in a luxury timepiece is that it retains value, whereas a commercial watch doesn't. Many luxury brands hold their value quite well, including:

  • PatekPhillippe.
  • VacheronConstantin.
  • Rolex.
  • AudemarsPiguet.
  • Jaeger-LeCoultre.
  • Omega.
  • TAG Heuer.

In general, Swiss brands retain their value better than other brands because they adhere to a higher standard of materials and production. This isn't to say that non-Swiss brands won't retain their value. In fact, the leading luxury brands Panerai, Andersen Genève, A. Lange & Söhne, and Arnold & Son are just a few examples of non-Swiss luxury watches that do well on the resale market.

When you're ready to sell your previously loved luxury watch, our in-house gemologist will authenticate your watch and offer an appraisal and no-hassle cash payment on the spot. You won't find an easier or faster method of selling your unwanted luxury watch anywhere else in Illinois. If you're not ready to visit us in person, contact us online with any questions.

Buying a luxury watch doesn't have to be intimidating. Shop Hustedt Jewelers, and enjoy a top-quality timepiece for years to come. Contact us or stop by today!

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