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Ring Styles

No matter what you're celebrating, our family at Hustedt Jewelers is here to help you find the perfect ring for the occasion. Start your journey by exploring different ring styles and features to choose a ring that fits you or your loved one's personal taste.

Different Parts of a Ring

One advantage of working with a professional goldsmith and custom jewelry-making team is that you can hand-pick which features you like best from different rings to modify an existing ring or create your own custom jewelry. Consider these different elements that make up a ring's collective "style:"

  • Band: The band is the part of the ring that encircles the wearer's finger. Different bands may be thin, thicker on top to hold more intricate designs, wide, or narrow. Some bands are even made up of multiple interlinked parts.
  • Stone: While some rings, like wedding bands, might not include any stones, most rings have gems, minerals, or other inset materials; many rings also have multiple stones. Consider stone quality, the size of the stone, and its cut when looking at different styles.
  • Setting Type: The setting is the mechanism that holds the stone in place against the band. Common settings include prongs, bezels, and channels.
  • Materials: Bands and settings are often made from high-quality metals, and the stones can be any of a diverse array of material options, such as gemstones, minerals, or pearls.
  • Finish: Rings often have a smooth, shining finish. But vintage rings and antique rings may have different textures. Jewelry makers can also engrave rings with personalized messages. 

Common Ring Styles

There are dozens of different ring styles from different eras and parts of the world. Some of the most popular ring styles are:

Wedding Bands

Wedding bands are often simple gold bands that can be worn by both men and women with little difference in style. These rings sometimes have stones or engravings, and they can be made of metals like gold, white gold, or platinum.

Anniversary Rings

These rings are common gifts for wedding anniversaries and feature a distinctive style. The stones are inset in the band, and they usually have four or five stones running at least a third of the way around the band.

Solitaire Rings

These rings have classic or traditional designs that feature a single stone at the head of the ring. Another standard feature of solitaire rings is the Tiffany setting for the stone.

Antique Rings

Antique rings are at least 75 to 100 years old. Many popular antique rings are characteristics by milgrain beading, hand engravings, and rose- or miner-cut diamonds.

Art Deco Rings

Art deco rings are slightly more modern than antique rings. Art deco bands tend to have a wider head that generally slopes to thinner dimensions at the bottom of the band to hold large stones or stone configurations.

Birthstone Rings

Birthstone rings are set with the recipient's particular birthstone, such as ruby or sapphire. 

Bridal Sets

While some couples purchase engagement rings and wedding bands separately, you can purchase a bridal set. Those two rings feature complementary designs.

Classic and Traditional Rings

Classic and traditional rings share many characteristics, but the classic style includes delicate solitaire and delicate rings that have a thin shank and with side-set stones.

Engagement Rings

Engagement rings usually have a large diamond or other precious stone set at the head of the ring. They may also have stones set around a portion of the band on either side of the larger stone. People typically give these rings to their significant other while proposing. 

Estate Rings

Most estate rings have plenty of diamonds set in ornate patterns, making them flashy pieces.

Eternity Bands

These bands have diamonds or other stones set throughout the whole circumference of the band rather than just at the head.

Nugget Rings

These rings are thick and have a rocky texture at the head. They're usually made of yellow gold and are worn by men. 

Semi-Mount Rings

If you want a more personalized engagement ring, consider a semi-mount ring. These rings have side stones already in place but don't have a center stone. Buyers can purchase a specific diamond or gemstone to complete the ring.

Signet or Seal Rings

Seal and signet rings are personalized rings that often represent an accomplishment or an affiliation. One of the most popular types of the signet ring is the college ring. 

Vintage Rings

Whereas antique rings are nearly a century old or older, vintage rings are rings that were made through 1980. Many of them feature iconic mid-century styles that are coming back into fashion.

Difference Between Fine, Fashion, and Semi-Fine Rings

While there are many different ring styles available, they tend to belong in one of three categories based on value:

  • Fine: Fine rings are made from gold or other precious metals and feature genuine stones. Heirloom and antique jewelry are generally considered fine jewelry. 
  • Fashion: Fashion rings are made with non-precious metals that have a golden or silver appearance and are set with non-precious stones. Fashion rings are trendy, less valuable, and less durable.
  • Semi-Fine: Semi-fine jewelry is generally constructed from sterling silver plated with gold or another precious metal. The stones are usually genuine but tend to be morganite, opals, or similar stones. Semi-fine jewelry often looks like fine jewelry or has trendy styles but can wear down over time. 

How Can I Choose the Right Ring Style for a Gift?

Choosing the right ring can be a challenge, but it can also be fun. If you have a particular event in mind, our team can help you pick the right band, setting, and stone for the occasion. For a birthday or holiday gift, you can ask the recipient about their favorite styles or look at their collection of rings to pick up on common style themes. 

One important detail is the sizing; make sure you know what size the ring should be as early as possible. While we offer resizing, the wrong fit can put a damper in giving the perfect gift.

Call our team at Hustedt Jewelers to learn more about our available selection of rings and fine jewelry. We can help you find the right ring or create a custom ring for any occasion.

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