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Wedding Bands in Central IL

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The origins of wedding rings go back to ancient Egyptian civilization, where legend has it that a pharaoh gifted his sweetheart with a ring as a symbol of his love, and this custom soon spread to ancient Rome. So this piece of jewelry has been meant to symbolize and bring to mind endless love for centuries. That's why it's also very important to find the perfect wedding ring.

What Materials Are Wedding Rings Made Of?

Today's fashion offers many possibilities, both in terms of material and style. Couples often ask for rings made of white gold, silver, titanium, platinum, or even stainless steel. In any case, the ideal wedding ring is made of durable, timeless material and is eye-catching.


The classic version of the wedding ring is made of gold with no pattern. This is a great choice by default, as it is one of the most popular.

In addition to the materials, you can also choose from a few different colors for your metal, including white, yellow, rose gold, or a combination of these.


Silver rings are now becoming more and more fashionable. They remain as beautiful over time as when you buy them. Thanks to the new alloy techniques, the metal does not oxidize.


Titanium is a popular material for choosing a wedding ring for couples whose member(s) suffer from a metal allergy. Titanium is also highly wear-resistant.


Perhaps the most suitable metal for durability is stainless steel. This metal is resistant to wear, never discolors, and is an excellent choice for those who expose their hands to a higher-than-average during their work or lifestyle.


Platinum is one of the most precious metals in jewelry making. It's incredibly durable and can resist the wear and tear that can happen to wedding bands over the years.  

All of these materials make a great base for engravings, gemstones, or other embellishments. Or, you can get wedding bands that are a simple, unembellished design in any of these materials.

What Design Options Are There?

Would you prefer something sleek and modern or detailed and vintage? Choosing an ensemble or ring style can be the hardest part of selecting the perfect wedding rings. The rings for both partners often follow a similar design, but according to a recent trend, a pair of men's and women's wedding rings don't necessarily have to be the same. It is enough to match in color or design, indicating that the two rings belong together.

In general, men like simpler, clearer shapes, while women may prefer wedding rings adorned with diamonds and gemstones. Women's rings tend to be more ornate, may be encrusted with a few or many stones, and are often thinner than men's rings. Of course, these are only trends, and you should pick what suits you and your partner best.

Adding Gems

Gems such as diamonds, morganite, emeralds, and others can be added to your wedding rings. You might have a large gem set as the central focal point of the wedding ring. Other rings contain a cluster of smaller gems that give the band a sparkle.

Adding an Etching

Etched wedding bands include a pattern cut into the metal. The pattern could be a stylistic choice, or it could represent a design or symbol that is important to you as a couple. For instance, a mountain-loving couple may choose to have a mountain design etched into their wedding bands.

Adding an Engraving

Is there something specific that you would like to be said on the inside of your wedding band? Many couples choose to add an engraving to their design for this purpose. It could be a specific phrase that is meaningful to you as a couple, your names, the date of the wedding, or anything else you'd like to remember when you look at your wedding band.

Can I Get Custom-Made Pieces?

Choosing the most beautiful ring available is not always enough. As delightfully beautiful as it is once you put it on your finger, it may not look as good as you've imagined, as ring shapes vary if someone has long, short, thin, or wide fingers. Combining surfaces and colors, varying the color, size, shape, and placement of special engravings, and adding carvings are all options to make your chosen ring not only beautiful but also unique.

Luckily, with a custom design, you can find the exact shape and style you're most interested in. Hustedt Jewelers can make custom pieces that represent your unique love, togetherness, and style as a couple. The Hustedt Jewelers' custom-designed wedding rings bring to the surface the feelings, desires, and hopes of the couple to be married and polishes them to perfection so that they can take shape in a special and a one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry. Our custom rings allow the love you share with your partner to be incorporated into an eternal symbol. Imagination is the limit on what we can create.

Are you interested in learning more about what style of wedding ring best expresses your eternal love? Contact us to ask your questions or set up a time to try on some rings in person. We know that choosing a wedding band is a big decision, and we are here to help.